Home for sale 220 miles from Anchorage

A beautiful piece of paradise  less than 4 hours from Anchorage where there are NO taxes ever!Cool

If you have found this page, know that the photos are really what you came to see, so click away and enjoy the trip. Click "Photos" on the left and look for "Album" on the bottom right. Don't do it yet. Finish reading this page. It will be worth it.

When you click and open the first picture, look to the top right for the arrow buttons image 1 of 100  > (THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART). You can just click through the pictures easily that way like a slideshow at your own speed. Right below the arrows is a phrase: "Fit Image To Window". This is really good to click if you come to pictures that are just plain too big to see it all at once. Honestly, much care has been taken on the home, just not as much on this free webpage! So bear with it and you'll be rewarded with many fun pictures of varying sizes and stitch togethers! You also note above the pictures I often add a comment instead of just a title. Enjoy the anecdotes!

Now for a few details: The place is on over 25 acres with a creek running throughout with a few beavers you can watch in the summer getting busy. We have excellent water and ideal professional septic(excellent drainage, so no surprises!). It is on the electrical grid and all fuels are delivered by tanker truck as needed. All amenities inside, really. And for where it is located, it is a luxury home! You'll see a few dead cars in the distance. They aren't there now.

Call Scott if you have more questions or want more pictures or want to see it live! Oh, when you see the pasture, you'll note it is long enough to land a Husky in there. Just watch for moose before you fly in. They are worse than a bird in the prop! Surprised But the property beyond is mine too, so you if you do a bit more clearing of some 7 year-old saplings, you now have a private airstrip for a Cessna 172 if you like. Now is that cool to have your own airstrip? price: 299K for all.

A quick note here. I just sold off 20 acres to a neighbor who wanted more "buffer" in his undeveloped land. So we reduced the price. So if you see any references to a larger piece, know that we are letting the remaining prime 25 acres with creek go for 299K. There are many extras that I have not listed and won't be seen in pictures.

This is a special note to tall people: If you are taller than 6' 6", you will touch your head on some of the beams. The lower ceiling makes for a warm house, but not conducive to tall people running around! 

Phone 907-440-4351 or email rees@alaska.net

PRICE: 299K   Can we negotiate? Yes. Can we carry? Yes. Can we trade? Maybe! Survey, inspection, appraisal is done.

now click "Photos" up to the left and "Album" down to the bottom right. Then click the first photo and look for the arrows on the top right. Have fun.

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